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Research and Analysis · Stopping the Attack on New York's Middle Class

Future of the Middle Class

CQ Press

Peter Katel

The percentage of middle-income U.S. households has declined significantly in recent years, leading some economists, policy experts and politicians to argue that the American middle class is in deep trouble — or even disappearing. Globalization, automation and declining union membership have shrunk the manufacturing workforce — historically a bulwark...

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New York's Affordable Housing Crisis · Research and Analysis

The Crisis of Fair, Affordable Housing on Long Island: An Analysis of the Long Island Workforce Housing Act

Long Island Community Foundation

The Center for Popular Democracy

Long Island, New York, a sprawling suburban region of over a hundred towns, has faced an increasing crisis of housing affordability in the last several decades. While originally developed as an affordable bedroom community for families seeking a better life, the dearth of affordable housing options now undercuts the...

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Research and Analysis · Stopping the Attack on New York's Middle Class

The Middle Class Squeeze

A Report on the State of the City’s Middle Class


In 1997, the New York City Council issued a report entitled “Hollow in the Middle: The Rise and Fall of New York City’s Middle Class”.1 Two concerns motivated the report. The first stemmed from the observation that cities such as New York City (the City) need a middle class...

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