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New York's Affordable Housing Crisis · Research and Analysis

New York’s Affordable Housing Crisis and How to Fix It

The Grace Gazette


New York has a housing crisis. I don’t think anyone would dispute that assertion. Unlike many other so-called ‘crises,’ New York legitimately has an affordability problem. According to one study, the typical NYC household spends as much as ⅔ of its income just on rent. That’s an outrageous figure....

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Fossil Fuel Divestment and New York's Public Pension System · Research and Analysis

Fossil Fuel Divestment and Public Pension Funds

Divestment Facts

Prof. Daniel R. Fischel, Christopher R. Fiore, Todd D. Kendall

The fossil fuel divestment movement promises that the problem of climate change can be ameliorated if investors in certain companies refuse to hold the securities of those companies in their portfolios. In 2015, Professor Fischel, an author of this report, released a study examining this claim from an economic...

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Research and Analysis · Stopping the Attack on New York's Middle Class

Countdown: New York’s Vanishing Middle Class


Katherine Bridges

New York’s middle class, particularly among Gen X,  is struggling to afford food and a roof over their heads as retirement is becoming an illusion for them.  This telephone survey of  New Yorkers age 35 to 70, found food costs are having a serious impact on the financial condition...

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