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Another Voice: Disinvestment from fossil fuels won’t help the environment – or workers

The Buffalo News

Daniel C. Levler

The politically correct push to force public pension funds to immediately begin to divest from fossil fuels has become a runaway train in New York with many politicians, lawmakers and environmental activists at the wheel. But the truth is that divestment will have little, if any, impact on slowing climate change, but...

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Fossil Fuel Divestment and New York's Public Pension System · Research and Analysis

POLITICS OVER PERFORMANCE: The Politicization of the New York City Retirement Systems

American Council for Capital Formation

Tim Doyle Vice President of Policy & General Counsel

U.S. public pension systems were born in New York City, starting with an 1857 plan to pay police officers injured on the job. Over the next few decades, New York City pension eligibility spread to include firefighters and teachers, and eventually evolved into the current practice of providing beneficiaries...

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New York Governor Seeks Fossil-Fuel Divestment, But Comptroller Has Other Plans

The Wall Street Journal

Thomas MacMillan

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said he will push for the state pension fund to divest from fossil-fuel companies, but the official who controls the fund says the best way to address climate change is by leveraging shareholder power. The governor is creating a plan for divesting the New York State...

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