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Behind New York’s Housing Crisis: Weakened Laws and Fragmented Regulation

New York Times

Kim Barker

The assault began shortly after a new owner bought the building at 25 Grove Street in June 2015. Surveillance cameras arrived first, pointed at the doors to rent-regulated apartments. Then came the construction workers, who gutted empty units and sent a dust cocktail of lead-based paint, brick and...

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Rod Watson: Report underscores need to mandate affordable housing

The Buffalo News

Rod Watson

If city officials needed any more evidence that Buffalo needs an inclusionary zoning policy to ensure that low- and moderate-income renters aren’t priced out of the city’s revival, the proof comes in a new report on the "rent affordability crisis" here and in the state’s other large...

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Divesting from Big Oil a tough sell — even in the bluest cities and states


Danielle Muoio

NEW YORK — National environmental advocates flanked Bill de Blasio in January as the mayor announced the first steps toward stripping $5 billion in New York City pension fund investments from Big Oil. Fossil fuel corporations have profited from “horrible, disgusting” practices, de Blasio said, and New York has...

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