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Research and Analysis · Stopping the Attack on New York's Middle Class

Countdown: New York’s Vanishing Middle Class


Katherine Bridges

New York’s middle class, particularly among Gen X,  is struggling to afford food and a roof over their heads as retirement is becoming an illusion for them.  This telephone survey of  New Yorkers age 35 to 70, found food costs are having a serious impact on the financial condition...

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Research and Analysis · Stopping the Attack on New York's Middle Class

Future of the Middle Class

CQ Press

Peter Katel

The percentage of middle-income U.S. households has declined significantly in recent years, leading some economists, policy experts and politicians to argue that the American middle class is in deep trouble — or even disappearing. Globalization, automation and declining union membership have shrunk the manufacturing workforce — historically a bulwark...

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New York's Affordable Housing Crisis · Research and Analysis

The Crisis of Fair, Affordable Housing on Long Island: An Analysis of the Long Island Workforce Housing Act

Long Island Community Foundation

The Center for Popular Democracy

Long Island, New York, a sprawling suburban region of over a hundred towns, has faced an increasing crisis of housing affordability in the last several decades. While originally developed as an affordable bedroom community for families seeking a better life, the dearth of affordable housing options now undercuts the...

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