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Case is weak for divesting fossil fuels from NY pension fund (Commentary)

Ted Skerpon

It appears that environmental groups are putting pressure on Gov. Andrew Cuomo and some elected leaders in Albany to divest fossil fuels from the New York state pension portfolio. As chairman of the Utility Labor Council of New York, I have serious concerns about this proposal. First, divesting fossil fuels from...

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Pension fund divestment endangers retirements

Times Union

Michael Carrube

No reasonable person can argue that man-made climate change is not real. We must find ways to deal with it to ensure a healthy planet for our children and grandchildren. We undoubtedly need to explore ways to best do this, but while the issue of having pension funds divest from...

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Blue states strike first against awaited anti-union court ruling


Katherine Landergan and Andrew Hanna

Blue state lawmakers are waging a preemptive strike against an anticipated U.S. Supreme Court decision that could decimate the power of public-sector unions across the nation. New York and New Jersey officials are pursuing an end-runĀ aroundĀ Janus v. AFSCME,Ā a case that could give government workers across all states the option of...

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